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                          Get License Explore Examples

                          CanvasXpress is free for personal and educational use.

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                          $ yarn add canvasxpress
                          <link rel="stylesheet" href=""type="text/css"/>
                           <script type="text/javascript"src=""></script>


                          R Integration

                          Install the CanvasXpress R package from CRAN and use it in the R console, R-Studio or in any Shiny application.

                          Node Integration

                          Install the CanvasXpress Node modules from npmjs to programmatically create visualization in the command line locally or in the cloud.


                          Install the CanvasXpress Node modules from npmjs to easily integrate with React JS. Examples included.

                          Angular Integration

                          Install the CanvasXpress Node modules from npmjs to easily integrate with Angular JS. Examples included.

                          Explore all features


                          CanvasXpress a stand-alone JavaScript Library for Data Analytics. Built for the purpose of reproducible research with a sophisticated and unobtrusive user interface. Full and effortless audit trail of data, configuration and all user interactions in every visualization.


                          Learn how these features can help you develop visualizations easily and serve your stake holders fast.

                          Open Source

                          Free for non-commercial and academic use. Please contact us for commercial use. Software released as GPL3.

                          Learn More

                          User Interface

                          Rich set of unobtrusive widgets for data analytics embedded in every visualization.

                          Learn More

                          Software Design

                          Visualizations optimized to enhance the user experience and facilitate data exploration.

                          Audit Trail

                          Full tracking of data, configuration and every single user interaction for Reproducible Research.

                          Learn More

                          File Formats

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                          Rich and dynamic user experience to explore data with mouse-overs, zoom, clicks, resize, drag and drop, menus, tables and more.

                          Broadcast Events

                          Built-in automatic broadcast mechanism to comunicate events to all visualizations in web page to highlight, filter-in or filter-out.

                          Learn More


                          Explore and model data sets by grouping or segregating based on meta data, sorting, clustering, transforming and much more.


                          You want to show your data and let your audience explore it. You want to keep track of what they did during the data exploration. You want to do all this fast!

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